Sills + Co

Sills + Co stores are carefully curated and stock New Zealand based fashion labels Caroline Sills, Sills and newcomer ISAAC + LULU, all designed and produced under the commanding eye of Caroline Sills and head designer Ange Todd. The stores showcase luxurious and timeless fashion, carefully chosen homewares, accessories and ready to take home plants.

The powerhouse that is Caroline Sills, became known as a savvy risk taker in the mid to late 1980's: breaking new ground by designing practical, stylish knitwear that made women look good, and shying away from the more extreme trends of the time to instead focus more on classic sophistication. Importantly, Sills, herself a size 12, became known for her ability to create styles that truly complemented a woman’s figure. This down to earth approach was well received in the market, where Caroline became the sweetheart of the decade. She and her husband, accountant Lloyd Sills developed the company into a multi-million dollar fashion force in less than a decade. Sills has been recognised for her work and was made a member of the NZ order of Merit for services to the fashion industry. The Sills’ success was through sheer determination and unwavering high standards in styling and quality, the backbone of the company then, and now.

In between her intrepid journeys to far flung destinations including Ethiopia and Iran, these days Sills takes more of a mentoring role in the organisation, with responsibility of the brand with Head Designer Ange Todd and Sills’ daughters Toni and Christina, who manage sales and marketing. The girls represent the next generation in the business. After growing up among the patterns and madness of the organisation, they both travelled, worked in London, and returned to take up positions in the family business, invigorating it with new energy. Todd has been with the business for the last 7 years, and with a degree in design she continues to spearhead the market with product that leads and inspires. The Sills + Co stores showcase the three house labels: premier brand 'Caroline Sills', appeals to a consumer like Sills herself, elegant, sophisticated and well-travelled with an eye for quality and the finer things in life. The 'Sills' brand forms a diffusion collection of lifestyle pieces complementing the modern elegance of Caroline Sills. New to the fold is 'Isaac + Lulu', the new generation collection, named after Todd's daughter Lulu, and Toni's son Isaac, this range has successfully captured the attention of fashion editors and fashion forward consumers. More edgy and adventurous, the brand takes its cue from its big sister Caroline Sills, with uncompromising quality, differentiating itself with a distinct feminine trend and youthful vibe.

Sills + Co opened its first flagship store in 2013 and now has five stores in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

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